Available Training Courses

Men at School – Connecting Father Involvement and Academic Achievement   

Eight Session School Program

A Father’s Perspective: Issues Related to Grief and Loss

Strategies to Reduce Infant Death / Disability Due to Shaken Baby Syndrome      

Distinctions - Competitive and Cooperative

A Mom and Dad Workshop investigating and celebrating parenting styles

Let’s Build a Brain – A Family Literacy Workshop Project

A Two-Hour Dad and Mom Workshop

Sex: The Thrill and The Bill

A hard-hitting interactive workshop for older teens exploring all the facets and consequences of sexual activity including emotional, social, physical and financial aspects, both positive and negative. (Caution: EXPLICIT)

Teen Parenting Program

A Six Session Program for Moms and Dads

Prenatal Early Attachment Program Supporting Mom and Baby

An Eight or Twelve Session Prenatal Program Targeting Men

Grief Support – Acknowledging Fathers

A Professional Development Program for Hospital Staff

The Value of a Family Man in the Life of a Child  

A Three Hour Workshop for Pre-School Dads

"I Need My Dad: From Conception to Forever"

A Two-Hour Workshop for Staff Development

Art and Science of Engaging Men and Male Teens

A Three-Day Staff Training

How to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Neighborhood-based Parenting Workshop

Down to Earth Parenting Advice for Child Discipline

Neighborhood-based Parenting Workshop

Nurturing the Social/Emotional Development of Your Child

Neighborhood-based Parenting Workshop

Dads and Family Men, an Underutilized Social and Emotional Resource

A Two Hour Workshop for Masters and Doctoral Social Work Candidates exploring the value of a man in the life of mom, their child and their community.

Engaging Dads and Family Men

A Six Hour Workshop for Social Workers and Early Childhood providers

Prenatal Early Attachment Program Supporting Mom and Baby (Revision b)

A Eight Session Prenatal Program Targeting Men - CT Department Public Health

Spirituality: A Dad’s Gift to His Child

A workshop exploring the intersection of mind and heart, where deep inspiration and motivation is developed, and how dads can understand and value spirituality as a gift they can give to their children.

Fathers and Family Men: Impacting The Lives of Their Children

A Two Hour Workshop for Family Workers and Fatherhood Program Facilitators

Prenatal Fatherhood – A Golden Opportunity for a Teachable Moment 

A Two Hour Workshop examines the exciting and enlightening journey of the prenatal period as experienced by fathers. Facilitating their capture of those teachable moments is an important window of opportunity for men.

Brain Connections: Where are You and What are You Doing?

A Two Hour Workshop for Family Workers, Fatherhood Program Facilitators, and parent groups, exploring our ability to nurture or impede brain development by way of our environment, our relationships and our behaviors.

Fathering For Learning: Creating an Environment for Brain Development

A Two Hour Workshop for Family Workers - Fathers and family men can contribute to early childhood brain development by engaging with their children very early. From the prenatal period through the first thousand days and beyond, dad has a special role to play in creating a stimulating environment that supports children’s learning. Learn all about it.

Fatherhood Seminar – A Golden Opportunity for a Teachable Moment

A Six Hour Workshop examines the unique characteristics of men, their value to the family, the prenatal fatherhood experience, fatherhood program marketing and making connections through the nuances of male communication.