Program Performance Information

Since 1996 Real Dads Forever has engaged over 7,000 men in small groups (average group size, 8-12 men for 6-8 weeks with each group) and, on occasion, larger groups with as many as 100 men. We create age appropriate, gender specific and culturally responsive fatherhood development strategies to enhance the emotional, physical, social and spiritual relationship between children and their fathers and family men. We have worked with diverse populations of men from the inner cities, suburban towns, and rural areas, and from many different racial and ethnic cultures.

We also facilitate professional development and staff training for agencies and schools, to investigate successful methods to engage and include fathers as essential partners and as family assets around pre-natal care, cognitive stimulation, child development and academic success for children.


    1. Their comfort level with being in the school increases.
    2. Their sense of community with other family men is developed.
    3. They leave being able to articulate their specific value to their child's academic life.
    4. They experience new commitments to behavioral change.
    5. Their level of conversation with mom about their child's academic life increases.
    6. That increase in conversation supports their ability to co-parent.
    7. They see their value as parent leaders advocating for kids.
    8. They support the school - PTO/PTA, committees, councils, etc.
    9. Their child responds to his validation as it relates to academics.
    10. They role-model life-long learning by participating in the program.

Below you will find some comments from Dads that attended one of our programs

      • I could sit down, ask questions, talk about what’s going on and get answers.
      • I learned why women act the way they do, was able to talk with other guys without the women there.
      • I now read to my kids every night and help them with their homework.
      • I changed my job in the US Navy so I wouldn’t get deployed out of the country. I realized I needed to be there for my daughter and watch her grow up and help her and my wife.
      • I saw the 3D ultrasound of my child and something happened in me.
      • My girl had a C-section and I would have never been able to stay with her through it in the OR if I was not prepared by the group.
      • When I first walked into the room and saw the guys, I was proud of all mankind.
      • Dads came and stepped up to the plate, sit, learn, and accept. It was cool, comfortable, alright.
      • I was so angry with my mom when my dad left and for years after, but never realized how hard it was for her bringing up the four of us. I decided to invite her to our fatherhood graduation and thank her.

Below you will find some comments from Moms that attended one of our programs

      • I was really pleased that men were so supportive.
      • After you talked with the men about what women go through after a miscarriage, he came home, dropped his head in my lap and cried, apologizing for not realizing what he could have done to help.
      • I never knew my dad. I want my daughter to know her dad. It was very hard growing up. I still feel it right now. My mom won’t talk about him because she’s hurt. He was her first love. (Lots of tears.)
      • Since he completed the program, not only is he a batter dad, he’s a better husband.
      • He really changed a lot and is so much better with the kids. And as a result of the program he finally asked me to marry him.
      • You changed my husband’s life. I owe you. He is now so much more understanding, patient and helpful with our special needs child. You changed our life and I’m so grateful. He’s a different person.

Below you will find some comments from Agencies that attended one of our programs

      • I will change my way to approach the fathers looking for new ways to bring them information.
      • Amazing speaker. He connected on every level with everybody. Extremely knowledgeable and informative. Excellent, excellent, excellent! A must for every human service related worker.
      • Got ideas, learned about how men think, ideas about how to include and present to dads during parent groups. It was one of the best trainings that I have attended in a long time. It was great over all. Thank you Mr. Edwards for your time.
      • The training was extremely beneficial and a reminder that as a social worker dads should be included.
      • The presenter’s use of videos and his ability to motivate and show passion and expertise was most helpful. Wonderful event!
      • The training was relevant, and the use of multiple modes of training was helpful.
      • The training helps me think differently about the support for the whole family and the relationships between people. Thank you for your hard work in this field.
      • My son just completed a fatherhood program in Hartford and honestly I think I learned more today than he did from August to November. I was texting him telling him what I was learning and couldn't wait to get home to talk to him
      • The trainer’s ability, acknowledgment, compassion, understanding of the topic, ideas, and techniques are very helpful. I enjoyed and learned throughout the whole seminar.
      • I would like to see this type of training open to all mothers and fathers. Women need help in understanding men!